In today's high-cost world, minimizing energy consumption and optimizing transportation and storage are critical for the success of a company.

AOKI Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machines

  • More than 20 different machine models to choose from
  • General purpose and special models to fit your requirements in container dimensions and productivity
  • Aoki machines can handle different materials including PET, PC, PP, PEN, HIPS and PLA
  • High-quality standards in design and construction — made entirely in Japan
  • Financing available
  • New "S" series, shorter cycles, and more productivity
  • Produce bottles from up to 100% recycled bottle flakes in one step. Learn more about our eco-friendly practices.

Produce different type of plastic containers on the same machine platform

  • Aoki has more than 20 different multipurpose machine models to choose from, depending on the market that you want to serve, contact us for more information.

Can the Aoki machine produce bottles in different materials?


  • The Aoki machine can produce bottles in different materials, but some resin materials may require replacing the screw and the mold design will be different.

Control the temperature of the preform when the machine doesn't reheat the preform

  • You will be able to create an accurate temperature profile with the Aoki Direct Heatcon technology by controlling the wall thickness, injection pressure, injection speed and cooling time, we can give you more information about the Aoki Direct Heatcon.

Aoki technology allows you to obtain a good wall thickness distribution on an oval bottle

  • Obtaining the ideal wall thickness distribution is much easier and consistent with the Aoki ovalizing technology by retaining more heat on the areas of the preform that require stretching.

What is the biggest plastic container that an Aoki machine can produce?

  • The biggest known Injection Stretch Blow Molded product Aoki can produce is a 90 litre (24 gal) container made of 100% recycled PET on an Aoki-3000H-60 machine model.

What is the smallest bottle neck that can be produced on an Aoki machine?

  • Aoki machines can produce bottles with necks as little as 5mm (inner diameter).

It is possible to have neck orientation with the Aoki machines.

  • After the preforms are produced, they are held from the neck and transferred to the blow station without changing the orientation.

There is a way to maximize the cavitation when producing oblong bottles.

  • To maximize the cavitation ( e.g.: changing from 4 to 5 cavities it means a 25% higher output) an oblong bottle can be produce with the parting line on the front and back panels, we can show you how to achieve this.

What are the main advantages of the Aoki technology?

  • Amongst many others: simplicity of the equipment, easy to maintain, easy to operate, stable production, no waste of energy, time or material, consistent quality (in the short & long term), high quality components and craftsmanship.

It is possible to produce different bottle shapes using parts of a mold already designed for a particular bottle.

  • With certain restrictions it is possible to produce different bottle shapes using parts of a mold already designed for a particular bottle, you may only need the blow cavities or perhaps more mold components. Request more information about this process.

Molds for AOKI ISBM machines

  • Benefit from more than 30 years of experience
  • Optimum preform design and weight
  • Special neck and body shapes, including narrow-neck to wide-neck containers, off center, round, oblong, and long neck
  • For a variety of materials including PET, PC, PP, PEN, HIPS and PLA
  • Short delivery time