2 & 3 day Seminar in Chicago

There are 2 & 3 day AOKI Sales Seminars available to present and potential customers at Aoki sales and service center in Chicago. Learn how to take advantage of the Direct Heatcon technology, exclusive from AOKI.

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In-House Shows at Aoki Japan (2017)

Please contact us to attend one of the In-House Shows being held at Aoki Japan this year. Come and see by yourself the latest advances of AOKI machines and molds.



NPE 2018 - Machine Pre-view at Aoki Japan

Aoki will be holding an NPE 2018 Exhibition Machine Preview on January 30 & 31. Aoki will be giving molding demonstrations with the new AL Series machines to show how our initiatives enable containers to be produced with minimum expenditure of time and energy. Please contact us if you are interested in attending this event.


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