Eco-friendly Plastic Container Development Solutions

Container Development Solutions

Is your client looking for sustainable packaging?

Consider AOKI's "three R's" of sustainability:


  • Reduce: Aoki technology uses preforms with the optimum weight required to produce each container, thereby reducing the amount of material required.

  • Reuse: Aoki Direct Heatcon® technology uses residual heat from the injection molding process to stretch and blow the bottles. Also, part of the high air pressure used in the blowing process is sent to a lower pressure system and used in the pneumatic mechanisms of the machine.
  • Recycle: Aoki series machines can produce high quality PET bottles by using 100% post-industrial or post-consumer PET flakes. See details below.

It is possible to produce bottles in different colors.


There are diverse ways to achieve bottles in different colors, either the resin comes with the color already blended or you can add it at the machine. The most common way is with a color feeder installed under the hopper.

Reduce the packaging weight without modifying the top load of the container.

Aoki can help you develop a new container that requires less material keeping the top load value. Please contact us to discuss the case

There is a way to eliminate the ribs on a wide mouth container without making it heavier.

The Aoki Direct Heatcon Technology allows you to eliminate the ribs on a wide mouth container localizing the thicker walls at the center of the container body (label area) preventing deformation and without increasing the product weight.

Aoki machine can produce unique preforms for your special designs.

As Aoki is a single step machine the mold will produce the preform you need for your specific product design. Let us know your item specifications.

We can help you create a new bottle design for your product

It is possible to produce a jar with an oval neck with Aoki technology.

We help you design your new product and offer you more than 7,000 different bottle samples from around the world to be used as a reference. Ovalized necks are possible in the Aoki machines.

With the special machine series Aoki Series you can produce bottles in 100% recycled resin

Aoki Series machine allows you to produce bottles from recycled PET in flakes.

Produce PET bottles from post-industrial — and even post-consumer — PET flakes

AOKI began to develop its PET bottle recycling technology in 1994 with the development of the AOKI Series machine, which molds reground PET bottle flakes directly into new bottles.

AOKI has succeeded in achieving low cost bottle-to-bottle production, making it possible to now use recycled PET flakes.

The traditional way to recycle PET involves an expensive and complicated process: After the PET bottles are ground and washed, the flakes are re-melted at high temperature and re-crystallized to produce recycled pellet material.

With AOKI's Eco-friendly technology PET bottles are only ground and washed to produce recycled flake material. Without the melting and crystallizing processes, recycling costs are reduced.

Aoki machine reduces de scratches on the surface of the bottle, producing a better appearance, ideal for your high end bottles.

Aoki machine works with materials suitable for product lines of baby feeding bottles.

On the Aoki machine the preform is not released until it is blown into a bottle. Consequently bottles have a much better appearance. The Aoki machine supports, for producing bottles, alternative materials (without BPA) like: Polypropylene (PP), Polyphenylsulfone (PPSU), Polyamide (nylon) and PES (polyethersulfone).

On a regular base how long does it take to start production on an Aoki machine?

It takes about 3 to 5 cycles (few minutes) to have the mold warmed up and in production.

Aoki machines can supply a pre-installed conveyor system

Aoki can offer a take-out unit pre-installed on the machine. That will deliver bottles on top of a conveyor. Request more information about this.

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