Penzola Solutions Inc. (PSI) represents leading eco-friendly plastics processing machinery manufacturers. We assist our customers in selecting the best equipment to produce high-quality products.

AOKI Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machines

We represent Aoki Technical Laboratory Inc, a Japanese manufacturer of single-step, three-station ISBM machines which produce high-quality PET containers at the cost of a cold preform.

Molds for AOKI machines

Tested before shipment in AOKI's factory, these molds feature short delivery and optimum preformance.

Ancillary equipment for PET processing

We provide dehumidifyer dryers, vacuum loaders, high pressure compressors, and much more.

  • Authorized AOKI Agent

    Produce your bottles at the cost of a cold preform with one-step injection stretch blow molding machines. Find out more

  • Eco-friendly Machines

    Produce bottles with up to 100% post-industrial or post-consumer PET flakes. More »

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